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Who doesn’t love a Red Lipstick, I’ll wait? Of course, we’re crazy about all things Red Lipstick here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®. Our name starts with Red Lips for a reason, duh, but I bet you knew that already. Today’s beauty product alert is introducing YSL’s edgiest collaboration beauty product, which is their new line of lipstick creation with Zoë Kravitz

Photo Credit: Instagram/@zoeisabellakravitz


Picking out and purchasing a new lipstick tube can be just as invigorating as shopping for designer shoes and purses for some shoppers, including me, but hey, we’re not focused on me, right now.  This luxurious lipstick created by megastar and beauty icon Zoë Kravitz is super sexy from the packaging that’s YSL first customized lipstick consisting of an engraved case, custom cases in a variety of options such as patterns, prints, stars, hearts, and so many more styles, along with an affray of luxurious shades.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@yslbeauty

The sleek, sparkly black bottle makes this lipstick look super special and extravagant, which is the perfect accessory for your makeup bag. And, it’s smooth and long-wearing. Kravitz created a collection of reds and neutrals in satin, matte, and shimmer textures. Of course, I love a matte red lipstick, which is perfect for any day or occasion. Warning, it’s more on the pricey side at $38.00 a tube, but hey, it can always be something you save up for or catch a special event that will warrant a discount.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@yslbeauty



Featured image by Instagram/@zoeisabellakravitz


Disclaimer: YSL beauty products are available for sale in China and therefore must be tested on animals as required by China’s current animal testing laws; therefore YSL beauty products are not crueltyfree. However, cosmetics animal testing remains legal in most other countries. Although many countries don’t expressly require such testing, as it is not prohibited it continues to take place at the discretion of cosmetics companies and ingredient suppliers.

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