Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Jennifer Monge

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Happy Friday, Red Lips Fashionistas and Dapper Gents!!! I am sure many of you are preparing for your journey to Atlanta for Atlanta Cigar Week, September 16th thru 22nd. Atlanta Cigar Week (ACW) is an annual event celebrating the cigar culture and lifestyle with the best of the best cigars, spirits, and more. Without further ado, thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®. We are happy to have you as one of our new, and/or faithful readers!

Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Jennifer Monge out of New Jersey.

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Jennifer has been smoking cigars since 2012 on a regular basis. Her cigar journey started out of curiosity, which did not consist of her experiencing a great quality premium cigar, can we say it was something in the family of a “blunt roller” cigar, No Bueno! Jennifer exclaims that it was a “DIASTER.”

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However, Jennifer redeemed herself after properly being introduced to cigars by an ex-boyfriend of hers at the time, as well as exposing her to the cigar culture.

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From then, Jennifer knew that this was something that she wanted to be a part of, and she started to build her knowledge base about cigars, as well as introducing her palate to different blends. Jennifer now prefers a full-bodied cigar, and/or a medium-to-full. And, she prefers a lighter cigar as her go-to-cigar for her first cigar of the day, which she enjoys with coffee.

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Jennifer likes cigars in the realms of, but not limited to Placencia, Drew Estate, Black Label Trading, Crowned Heads, and Tatuaje to name a few. Jennifer likes to pair her cigars with, depending on her mood, anything from Scotch to Bourbon, or Whiskey. Some of her favorite libations include Sexton Whiskey, Basil Hayden Bourbon, and Glenlivet Scotch Blanton’s Bourbon, to name a few.

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Jennifer is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week for her unique and signature hairstyle, and her fashion. Jennifer loves to see how the cigar culture has evolved in the last few years.

“There are so many women representing in the cigar industry with a vast knowledge of cigars, it’s refreshing.”


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You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram @ladymoxie

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