Day: September 21, 2019

What are you Willing to Wear?

If Fashion is basically one’s own individual preferences as it relates to their particular style of wearing clothes, accessories, and ornaments according to their ruling, then it should be pretty liberating!  Essentially, Fashion, in essence, is the art of transforming a simple attire into one’s very own expression of freedom that’s liberating. Having the authority and the power or

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Drew Estate Announces Liga Privada Unico Pancetta as Liga Privada Lounge Exclusive

The Drew Estate Brands, specifically the Liga Privada No 9, is one of my all-time favorite cigars because it’s simply flawless in both flavor and character. I guess you can say, I’m always more inclined to the specifics about Drew Estate. Hey, a Girl likes what a Girl likes!  Therefore, for my other Drew Estate Fans/Readers,

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