What are you Willing to Wear?

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If Fashion is basically one’s own individual preferences as it relates to their particular style of wearing clothes, accessories, and ornaments according to their ruling, then it should be pretty liberating!  Essentially, Fashion, in essence, is the art of transforming a simple attire into one’s very own expression of freedom that’s liberating. Having the authority and the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint is freedom. This can be just as magnifying in your personal display and selection choice in Fashion.

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However, in the process of this, it doesn’t come without backlash and ridicule. There will always be a form of dislike, lack of knowledge, acceptance, value, respect, and appreciation for anything that’s the opposite of oneself.

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It’s funny that these opposing rules of one’s fashion choices are no different than anyone wanting/desiring the appropriate need, and/or want for equality and inclusion such as having an end to racism, full acceptance of one’s sexuality, identifying social inequality, gender inequality, health care inequality, and social class inequality, along with a long laundry list of more topics that are major world issues, but Fashion should not be included in this toxicity.

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Since the 1920s, Fashion for everyone, more specifically as it relates to men, has not always been one-dimensional.

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Who wants to resemble the man standing next to you. I always say “Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out.” In fashion, someone will always push the envelope and be brighter, bolder, confident, flamboyant, over-the-top, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when being expressive, be passionate.

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Regardless, in what art form you are displaying, your passion and integrity must never be compromised and not even in your Fashion.

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So for those, who do not understand Cam Newton and his selection of clothing or for anyone of that matter that’s oddly different than you.

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What you should say instead or think is that I believe that I have the same level of confidence of Cam Newton to live out my best life with having the freedom to be as expressive in my approach that’s not so partial to being liked, because it liberates me, to live out my true self and I have the Freedom and the Right to Do So!

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Cam is inspired and motivated by his passion(s) and for what we know of him that’s Football and Fashion.

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“I pride myself on not only being able to wear certain things that will catch the blog. I’m willing to wear it.” Cam Newton

What are you Proud of? What are you Prideful of? And, What are you passionate about?

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See when you discover your “Why” then you can live out your “Purpose,” which is your Dream(s)….. we aren’t living to only pay bills, we are living to LIVE…………so find you, become you, and if that’s through expressing your True Self through Fashion, so Be It.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pinterest/Men’s Fashion 

Be Fashionable and Stand Out!

Featured Image: Courtesy of Instagram/@cameron1newton

Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


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