Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Sharon Rene’e

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Can you believe that it’s October and we’re still having temperatures into the 90s here in Charlotte…? OMG…. I guess it’s still a “Hot Girl Summer” or a “Hot Girl Fall” for sure…lol. Thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, we are happy to have you as one of our new, and/or faithful readers!

Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Sharon Rene’e out of Houston, TX.


Sharon has been smoking cigars for 15 years. A friend of hers, Stephen Jackson, introduced her to cigars as an alternative to cannabis, to aid with relaxation. Sharon started off with smoking the infused and flavored cigars such as CAO brands and different cigarillos that were sweeter in flavor.


Over the course of trying the flavored cigars, which did not fully entice Sharon, as she was looking for a stronger substitute.

She upgraded into the realms of a full-bodied cigar that are stronger, because of the level of nicotine, and they also have outstanding and more identifiable natural flavor notes that consist of oak, nutty, leathery, peppery, coffee, cocoa, licorice to name a few.

This was truly the start of her cigar journey!

Sharon R2

Sharon used to smoke privately in her garage or on her porch for years, thinking that the cigar lounges were a “man’s getaway or “man’s cave.” She also thought that a woman smoking cigars would be frowned upon or looked down on. At the time, she did not feel comfortable enough to be as expressive about her newly found pastime, so she considered herself to be a private smoker “closet smoker.”

However, four years ago, she went into iStogies in Sugarland, Texas, to purchase cigars and was asked to sit and enjoy her cigar there. From that day, she’s visited almost all the lounges in Houston and have traveled to different cities and states to enjoy the cigar culture.

“I love smoking cigars while watching sports. I am a Dallas Cowboys and Alabama Roll Tide fan, so I talk a lot of trash during football season to my fellow BOTLs and SOTLs.” 

When Sharon is having a cigar, she likes to pair her cigars with Wine, Vodka, or Tequila. As of lately, she’s ventured off to pairing her cigars with the more traditional classics such as Bourbon and Rum.

Sharon enjoys cigars by Drew Estate Under Crown Dogma, Herrera Esteli Brazilian, A. Fuentes Between the Lines, CAO Anaconda, LaFaraona, LFD Andalusian Bull, Southern Draw Cedrus, and Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. And, her newest addition is the One Shot One Kill.


Sharon is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week because Fashion to her is expressing yourself through a style of dress or behavior at any given time. Sharon noted that Fashion changes constantly with seasons, trends, and a person’s vibe.

“My Fashion is very versatile. I’m opened to rock out any outfit that is appropriate for my body. My closet consists of old school Adidas, Cowboy Boots, Timberlands, and Stilettos. I like bowties, neckties, vests, and suspenders, so there’s no telling what you’ll see me rocking.”

Sharon has a great deal of respect for the cigar culture and she also loves to bake, which she’s known as the “Cookie Lady” in most lounges in Houston. She’s always whipping up a variety of sweets and cookies at The Sweet Toothed Fairy.


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram: @beingsharonrenee

Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


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