Cardi B is Bringing Her A-Game with Fashion 

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It is typical and ideal to see what our favorite celebrities are wearing for the latest trendy fashion styles and runway looks for inspiration. And, Cardi B has been bringing her A-game with super high-fashion styles! Cardi is showing her fans that she is diversified as an artist and in fashion, please don’t put her in a bubble.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@kollincarter

Cardi B has been working with stylists Kollin Carter.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@kollincarter

Cardi B and Kollin have built a great friendship and partnership, especially, since Kollin reached out to designer Manfred Thierry Mugler, who once declined the opportunity to work with the superstar, at that time, but he would be happy to revisit the idea of working together in the near future. And, that moment came sooner than either of them could have anticipated, when it was announced that the rapper was nominated for five Grammy Awards and would be performing at the show.

The Manfred Thierry Mugler dress that Cardi wore to the Grammys.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@kollincarter

From there the relationship has been dynamic between Cardi and Kollin, who has countlessly styled the artist in many of her recent looks, including this classy Chanel FW19 look!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

This look screams sophistication and that Cardi is really evolving right in front of our very own eyes!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

Cardi B is on Fire and as she keeps telling everyone in Wish Wish that her time is not almost up. Her music career continues to soar, as well as she’s becoming a Fashion Icon.

“Whatever you do, sis, keep it cute, sis”

Photo Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

Photo Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

And, with the recent release of the new music video, Yes, with Fat Joe, Cardi B, and Anuel AA, there’s no Stopping Cardi B!!!!!!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@iamcardib

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Featured photo credit: Photo Credit: Instagram/@kollincarter

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