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Hello, our faithful readers and followers! We have a major announcement to make. Are you, Ready? We’ve recently added “Everyday Fashion” to our store!!!!!!!! Now you can shop for your Signature Cigar Apparel, and/or the Hottest Trendy Looks with our new fashionable pieces, for women. 

New Arrival: Skunk Sweater 

Adding these fashion pieces will allow us to have more styling options and service a larger audience, who are our supporters and customers, too!


New Arrival: Honeycomb Sweater 

We’re looking forward to growing and scaling our business and services! We love all things related to Cigars, Beauty & Fashion, it’s the premise behind our brand.

New Arrival: Bite Me Top

This new expansion into fashion has been one of our desires and we’re looking forward to continually add more pieces and styling options for you!

New Arrival: Race Me Jacket-Top

Also, we’ve added a new Instagram page:@redlipsandcigarsticksshop to showcase what’s currently in stock and to highlight our merchandise.

New Arrival: SOTL Revamp Tee

These new items will be on the shop page or our primary website, The current store page on here will slowly phase out, and/or only retain apparel merchandise.

Be sure to follow our new page, leave us some comments on what you think of our new pieces and inform a friend.

No worries, we’ll still be bringing out new Cigar Apparel and covering great topics on cigars.

Check out this latest video about one of our new items, the Race Me Jacket:

Keeping it Spunky, Funky, & Comfy

Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


Welcome!!! I always wanted to have a platform to share my love and enjoyment for writing & journalism, beauty & fashion, cigars & cocktails, and way too many other cool things to name all here. I hope you will continue to visit Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®the magazine, where cigars, beauty & fashion, and the lifestyle is celebrated.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve become inspired.

Peace and Love! Ni


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