Legado Lifestyle! “Approachable Luxury with an Unapologetic Boldness.”

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There’s a new luxury Fenty product out on the market and it’s definitely not associated with makeup, but making a large impact on the culture and aligned with the mantra created by Rihanna.

“Fee-free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/@gallest

Rorrey Fenty, the younger brother of global icon Rihanna is the co-founder of a new luxury cigar brand called Legado. Legado is producing premium handcrafted cigars made in the Dominican Republic. According to the brand, their cigars are uncompromising in quality, unconventional in presentation, and unmatched in the luxury market.

Their line of cigars is a combination of being well-balanced and having a settled smoothness.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle
Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

Legado’s first collection “Origen” debuted in the Fall of 2017. This brand is taking every step imaginable, to assure they’re challenging the status quo, to create a lasting legacy with their products.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

Recently, the 29-year-old entrepreneur teamed up with Fabergé and Rome de Bellegarde on an over-the-top collection of bespoke boxes that contain rare timepieces and a record-breaking bottle of cognac that will cost anywhere between $760,000 to a cool $1.2 million.

Can you say, BALLLLLLLINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Luxury connoisseurs outside of the U.K., who are interested in dropping major bucks on one of the luxurious boxes describe above can email Fabergé directly at joanna.kupis@faberge.com.

Legado is quickly becoming the choice of smoke for disruptors, go-getters, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are smashing goals, closing deals and doing things differently every day. And along the way, they make time to enjoy luxury and have some fun.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

Rorrey is very passionate about his line of cigars being “not just a typical cigar.” He stated that it’s the Cameroonian wrapper, which is aged over 10 years with a Nicaraguan binder, and a very, very special, rare Dominican Republic filler is the secret weapon to making his blends of cigars, so special. The brand name is Spanish, which means “legacy.” And, that pretty much is an ideal name for these siblings, who are powerhouses and creating a legacy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

Rihanna and Rorrery are showing just how resilient the people of Barbados are by knocking down barriers and tapping into areas that are about changing the culture. Rorrey believes that the cigar culture is no longer only about the older guys, who smoke cigars, but it’s now about a younger demographic of cigar smokers, as well as women, cigar smokers, too!

That growing female audience includes Rihanna, who puffed on a Legado cigar during a surprise appearance at the Caribbean island’s legendary Crop Over Festival, which Rorrey hosted in August.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

The cigar culture is growing and everyone is getting a piece of the pie and improving the cigar scene and lifestyle and the Legado brand is doing that by creating a one-of-a-kind cigar brand.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@legadolifestyle

Keep it Smokey!

Featured Image: Courtesy of @legadolifestyle

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