Creative Brand Spaces: The Grand Poobah of Office Spaces

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There’s one thing to have hopes and desires for your ideal dream office or closet, and perhaps a nice makeup table, but Ladies, come on now, that’s not enough. We need to be Bossing-Up and thinking BIGGER!!!

photo of a wooden bookshelf
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How about a Dream Warehouse (Office) that can accommodate your wildest dreams and desires all in one location. I am beyond motivated and inspired by the recent 16-minute tour of Beauty mogul and reality star, Kylie Jenner’s, Kylie Cosmetics office. Holy Moly!

This grand location has a massive luxury spa-style bathroom, a make-room, a dressing room, a photoshoot room, a green room, a cafeteria, a nursery, a product display room, I mean do I need to go any further!!!!!!!

women s purple and yellow lips with yellow liquid
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Watch this amazing facility for yourself and become inspired. I sure did! This is what branding is all about, believing in yourself and being passionate about your products and services. And, being in a space that makes you happy and can allow you to continue to grow and be creative!

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