New Music Monday: Independent Recording Artist Cartier Womack Drops a New Song “Trophy”  

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Music is a unique art form. It is a lyrical and auditory representation of stories that are expressed through constructions of words, rhythm, and instrumental collaboration. Music provides listeners with an insight into the artist personal experiences and even sometimes a glimpse into their interpretation of life and the world around us.

Music is essential to finding a connection and identification of some sort of reaction that resonates with our very own thought processes and life experiences.  Year after year, music keeps evolving, and it’s becoming a prominent figure in everyone’s lives. Music is the piece of the puzzle that keeps us centered, conscious, aware, and in motion. The most outstanding anecdote about music is that it can be found everywhere and it’s truly universal!

Today’s New Music Monday Spotlight, we’re introducing to you Independent Artist, Cartier Womack and Queen Arie, who recently collaborated to release their new song, “Trophy.” Womack and Arie are both Detroit natives.


Womack was previously featured here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks® where we discussed his independent record label Street Allure Music Group, click here.

The song Trophy will inspire and motivate you, it has a great play on words and expression! It talks about seeing life beyond your current existence and circumstances. We all have dreams, but what are we doing, to obtain and fulfill them? In this song, Cartier Womack and Queen Arie paint a picture with storytelling, by showing how once you partner-up and become a team just how far it can take you to achieve your dreams and goals, to elevate your living in a relationship or partnership.


Here’s a snippet of the music video:


And, let’s not act like we did not hear the sultry and sexy sounds of the flute being played in the background by musician Brandon Marceal. This song encompasses emotion, passion, and inspiration, as these two powerhouses deliver a classy and sophisticated song that you can play while chilling out and having a nice cigar and cocktail in your car, and/or in the comforts of your home.


You can find more of Cartier Womack and Queen Arie music on all digital music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube to name a few.  On these sites, you can easily search and find your favorite, and/or new artist and listen to an old classic and discover new music that’ll take you on an endless adventure.

Keep the Vibes at an All-Time High!!!!!!!!!!!

Featured Image/All Images Courtesy of Instagram/@officialcartierwomack

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