Working Women Wednesday: 8 Female Cigar Lounge Owners You Need to Know

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You are capable of doing whatever your heart desires and you don’t have to justify your purpose or reason to anyone! Be your best self and live life to the fullest!

Women, in general, are creating lanes for themselves in industries and starting businesses in uncharted territories that were once classified for men only. Black Women, especially, have found they’re true-born talents and are going beyond thought-provoking ideologies of pioneer women who paved the way such as Madame C.J. Walker, Nina Simone, Betty Shabaz, Coretta Scott King, Michelle Obama, Angela Davis, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman to name a few. We’re channeling our inner creativity and when we’re able to layout the blueprint of our thought processes and bring them to life, you better watch out! We are inspired and motivated to break the cycle! It is our desire to create financial stability, to have business ownership, and the freedom to act, speak or think as we want, being a WOMAN!

Therefore, we decided to list some of the most outstanding and influential Black Female Cigar Lounge owners that you should know, who is leaving an imprint and changing the cigar culture. We have a great deal of respect for these ladies and support them in all of their endeavors! We appreciate you, thank you, and admire your tenacity and strength!

8 Female Cigar Lounge Owners You Need to Know

Courtnie Boykin, Co-Owner of Smokehouse Cigars & SmokeHouse Cigars of GA

Business Name: Smokehouse Cigars, LLC

Location: Atlanta, GA

Smokehouse Cigars is committed to providing not only a wide variety of name brand and specially blended cigar makes at competitive market prices, but also to providing phenomenal customer service to our brothers and sisters of the leaf, from seasoned connoisseurs & aficionados to the novice, looking for enlightenment, as well as guidance into the foray of pleasures, joy and relaxation that cigars bring (the culmination of a taxing day, family holidays, dealing with the IRS, or any other stressful or fun event).

Shirley Knox McClellan, Owner at Fire and Smoke Cigar Parlor

Christine Russell Morgan, Owner at Lips, Sticks & Fingertips LLC

Business Name: Lips, Sticks & Fingertips LLC

Location: Atlanta, GA

Lips, Sticks and Fingertips is a mobile cigar lounge that you can entertain at Tailgating Events, Weddings, Golf Tournaments, Birthday parties & much more. Georgia’s finest luxury mobile cigar lounge and humidor.

Nicole Rucker, Co-Owner of Rucker Cigar Lounge
Location: Chicago, IL
Rucker Cigar Lounge is a Cigar & Tobacco Store/Lounge that provides an exquisite taste that has a place for you when you visit their lounge. 


TG, Owner at TG Cigar Lounge

Business Name: TG Cigar Lounge 

Location: Washington, District of Columbia

TG Cigars carries a wide selection of Premium Cigars. They carry the most popular brands and sizes and some very exotic, hard to find cigars.

Nene Mina, Owner of Mina’s Cigar Lounge 

Business Name: Mina’s Cigar Lounge 

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Mina’s Cigar Lounge is an intimate place to smoke your cigars and have great conversations with other cigar enthusiasts. Mina has contributed much of her success as being in the class of those, who are first-ever females to start a cigar lounge in the Baltimore, MD area.

Kenora Scott, Owner of Kay’s Cigar Sensations 

Business Name: Kay’s Cigar Sensations 

Location: Glenside, PA

Kay’s Cigar Sensations works with top manufacturers in order to provide only the best quality products for all their patrons. They have a friendly staff that offers knowledgeable and excellent service in a comfortable relaxing environment with a selection sure to please.

Roz Stafford, Owner of Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge, LLC 

Business Name: Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge, LLC 

Location: Cedar Hil, TX

Smoking Jacket is an upscale Cigar Lounge. The environment is just right for “The Elite Smokers”. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, where customers can bring beverages of their choice (BYOB) and sit down and relax in a comfortable chair, to unwind and have a great conversation with good people.

Acknowledgment of Sha’ron Lynn, former owner of Aroma Cigar Lounge, the first-ever  Laurel, Maryland cigar lounge establishment that catered to professionals interested in socializing, while smoking a premium cigar.

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