Self-Care Sunday Ideas: Cocktails & Fashion

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Sunday Funday!!!!

Hello, My Good People! We hope that you’re still enjoying your extended weekend and thank you for spending some time with us on our blog, we appreciate your support!  

Though we’re still in the months of Fall, it sure has been feeling more like Old Man Winter, these last few days throughout different parts of the North/Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast, it’s been very cold! And, with all this coldness, it has somewhat been preparing and putting me in a Winter State-of-Mind. While recently shopping, so many of the stores are decorated with Christmas decorations and I’ve even heard a few Christmas tunes starting to play on the radio, we just skip right over Thanksgiving these days!

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However, what caught my eye when visiting our local ABC Store, and for my friends up North, the ABC Store is the Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board, which manages the sale of distilled spirits by promoting excellence in customer service, fiscal responsibility, operational effectiveness, compliance with laws that govern the sale and use of alcoholic beverages, and creating community partnerships to improve public health and safety, ya, we’re regulated…Warren G and Nate Dogg tells us when, where, and how, we can drink…..LOL.


Anyhow, I love Jack Daniels, and this pretty looking bottle caught my eye, and the word, Cider, didn’t take much for me to grab it up after eyeballing it over..LOL. Of course, I had to set up my camera and background setting, to get a snap for you guys to share with you. This Winter Jack tastes really good, it’s sweet and mild, and it tastes like Apple Juice, which is delicious. It’s only 15% alcohol, so pretty much, it’s like sipping a glass of wine.

And, of course, there’s always the Pain Killer to give you all the pleasure and joy of a Full Dominican Cigar.

GTO Cigar: Pain Killer
Filler: Dominican Ligero
Binder: Dominican grown Cuban Seed
Wrapper: Dominican Select Aged Maduro

The Winter Jack was on sale for $ 17.95, not bad and the Pain Killer Cigar was under $10 bucks, which I purchased at Aroma Cigar Lounge during one of my recent visits.

If you grab either, let me know what you think of them by commenting on this post.


With all this talk of Fall and Winter, we have two fashion looks for you today that was created with two of our pieces that you can find on our Everyday Fashion store that are discounted and have an additional 20% Off discount code: “TRENDY

Ready for Work or Play with this Look!!!!!!


This our Snow White Dress that’s a knit style dress, form-fitting, but it does have stretch, and the buttons are functional going down the dress, which is a benefit when putting it on, to just step into the dress and not pulling down over your head.  This dress is currently $20 and the coupon code does apply, as well as $5 shipping.

This style look is Fun & Shabby!


This is our Go Gina Denim Jumpsuit, you cannot go wrong in this lightweight denim jumpsuit that has an elastic band at the bottom, so it does not overlap and hangover on your shoes or ankle boots, it keeps it nicely fitted around the ankle. This jumpsuit can be worn in many ways, it’s very versatile, light, and comfy.  It’s tall friendly and perfect for my short or petite ladies. However, I will add that it does not have stretch and not curvy girl friendly, as the thigh area is very slender and leaner appealing. This piece is too on sale and the coupon code does apply and $5 shipping.

Both of these looks will have you ready for these cooler days and nights, along with a nice glass of Winter Jack, to give you a complete and full finish, and you’ll need a Pain Killer, to stop all the action from looking and feeling so Fabulous.

Keep it Spunky, Funky, and Comfy!!!!

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Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


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