Trendy Tuesday: Big Smoke Las Vegas 2019

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The Big Smoke Las Vegas took place last weekend, which started on Friday, November 15 thru Sunday, November 17. This three-day Big Smoke event included two Big Smoke evenings and exciting daytime seminars with Cigar Aficionado editors and renowned cigar makers. Also, there was a slew of great fashion from the Ladies of the Leaf scattered about from women in the cigar industry and cigar influencers.

It’s Vegas Baby, so everyone came to show out! 


There’s nothing classier and sophisticated than a lady with a cigar and a fedora on and we love to see Arlene Becton, she Slayyyyysssssss!

The beauty of females representing the culture is so sexy and it brings a whole different vibe of sophistication.


Love this all-black dress worn by Luisa Bautista a very sleek and chic look, which was perfect for the occasion. She kept her look very clean and simplified, and that’s the perfect way to wear a well fitted black dress.


When mother and daughter come out to play, you better serve and work it, ladies, more like sisters. Let’s go Jacquetta, looking, beautiful ladies!


Always fun when ladies can have a stogie together, isn’t that right, Tanja?


Then we have Robin Blue looking Fabulous in her Peacock dress, which is very elegant and classy!


This Sister of the Leaf @cigarchasefire is magnifying and always ready to Chase Fire, especially, in this sparkly and sequence dress is eyecatching.


This photo is so empowering and strong looking, and who doesn’t love a long bone-straight sleek ponytail, is never-out-of-style! Looking good, Angela Schneebeli (Uudam), in your halter lace crop top with a pop of red, which is powerful.



Love these two beautiful souls Ibis and Lenor Abzarael, who are both looking radiant and vibrant as they pose for a picture, while both in black and white attire. Ibis loving the moment, as always! Gorgeous!!!!!!!


And, Angela, you know I love a Red Lip, she’s in red lipstick, a red shirt, red nail polish, and she would not miss Fuente Friday, it’s always Fuente Fever, everywhere!

Featured Image/All Images are courtesy of via Instagram & Facebook from the profile pages of those featured, and/or from #bigsmoke2019 and #bigsmokevegas2019

Keep it Spunky, Funky, and Stylish!!!!

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