Fashion Friday: You don’t have to be Rich to be Stylish!

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Hello, My Good People!

I’m super excited and pumped-up, yes, more than normal. Today, I feel very happy and blessed!!!! I wanted to showcase a Fashion Friday look for you. On Fridays, I normally always like to put a little more effort into my looks, because it’s the start of the weekend, it’s payday, and normally, I’ll have a solid $20 in my pocket, to get things popping…LOL. Most importantly, I wanted to show with some creativity and going with the flow that you don’t need to be Rich, to be Stylish! 


I’m a firm believer in using what you have, to get the look you want! And, I always love mixing patterns, as well as incorporating spring/summer attire into my fall/winter looks, who said those items need to only hang in the closet and only come out for the designated season, chileeeeeeee, please! And, most of these items have been sitting in my closet for years, unworn.

If you follow me on my IG stories, then you are aware that I’ve been having some recent closet issues, too many items and my racks broke away from the wall, twice, so I had to purge many of cherished items and purchased a new closet system, to accommodate my wardrobe. And, of course, I’ve been having fun ever since playing in my closet, as I’ve forgotten how much stuff that I really do have and never wear, shameful!!!!!



I am season proof year-round with my approach to fashion and it’s more cost-effective, by blending the seasons and repurposing your outfits!!!!!!



Blazer: Cato Fashion (on clearance under $10), Trousers: Clothes Mentor (Consignment Store under $10), Cami: Ross (2 pack under $10), Boots: DSW (on clearance under $20), Jewelry:  Versona (on clearance under $10 for both), Purse: Kohls (on sale under $40)

Have a Great Productive Day and a Fabulous Weekend!!!!!


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