Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Kaye Simpson

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Happy Three-Day Weekend, to those, who will be off for the extended weekend for the celebration of honoring, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

There’s power in his words, inspiration, and motivation that resonates through each of us, to become better and do better! Be sure to take full advantage of any activities that are held within your respected cities to properly honor this federal holiday. Without further ado, thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®. We are happy to have you as one of our new, and/or faithful readers!

Today’s Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Kaye Simpson out of Atlanta, GA.

Kaye is the owner of Pretty Girls Smoke Collection (PGSC), which specializes in making unique/custom handmade accessories, to enhance your cigar smoking experience that consists of Cigar Sticks, PGSC Drink Covers, customize cases/accessories with bling wear, and so much more. Also, you can book her business for private parties, events, or any function of your liking related to the “Cigar Lifestyle,” as well as purchase wholesale products through the PGSC brand.


Kay has been an avid cigar smoker for eight years. She was first introduced to cigars from closing a large business deal, to have a celebratory experience. She and her team smoked cigars as a gesture to celebrate this accomplishment. This was the start of Kaye’s cigar journey.


Kaye enjoys pairing her cigars with Scotch, Whiskey, and/or Bourbon, to perfectly complement her palate when she’s smoking some of her favorite cigars such as an Asylum 13,  New World by AJ Fernandez, Inch, San Cristobal, or a Flathead 770, to name a few.

Photo by Ivan on

Kaye had to recently overcome some major set-backs, as she battled with health issues that were life-shattering, two years ago. As a result of her health condition, she lost complete independence and was not expected to walk again. Along with other countless complications that prevented her from being able to successfully operate her business was devastating and she felt defeated. However, Kaye found the strength within herself through prayer, and she’s back and coming back stronger than ever before, to beat the odds!


Kaye is our Red Lips Fashionista of the week because she is triumphant and resilient, as well as determined to continue to make a mark in the cigar industry through her brand and the different relationships that she’s developed since being in business that started in May of 2016.

When Kaye was asked what does Fashion mean to her, she replied:

“Fashion means everything to me. When you look good you feel good. I’m one that takes chances in fashion. I love to switch it up like a chameleon. Classy/Sassy with a little bit of hood.”


You can find out more about this Red Lips Fashionista on Instagram @prettygirlssmokecollection

Featured Image/All Images are courtesy of Instagram/@prettygirlssmokecollection/

Keep it Smokey, My Friends!

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