On The Scene: Cigar Podcast with Elegant Plume of The Smoke Room – Cigars from a Woman’s Perspective

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Over the weekend, Cigar Enthusiast/Podcaster Drida Hyde as Elegant Plume held a Live Podcast of her show, The Smoke Room at The Cigar Shop located in Indian Trail, NC.

Not familiar with Drida Hyde? She’s attended several local and bi-coastal cigar events such as IPCPR, La Zona Palooza, she has her own cigar group via Facebook called “Cigar Cut Up,” as well as she’s known for her 2019 Elegant Plume Calendar, and her audio Podcast, The Smoke Room…Cigars with Elegant Plume, to name a few projects.
At the event, Drida wanted to discuss cigars from a woman’s perspective, and with this being the first live show. She felt comfortable enough with inviting myself and Susie O’Neal to assist her with talking about cigars, our experiences, how did we get started, and to just go over, what the cigar culture means to us, as female cigar smokers. Also, we discussed what more we would like to add or remove from the culture, and from who, do we seek inspiration from in regards to other women in the cigar industry.

Saturday, February 8th was the first show to what’s to come from Drida featuring the “Ladies/Sisters of the Leaf” on her Live podcast, so stay tuned, it’s only going to get better and have larger guests appearances and more exciting things in store!




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Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears


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