Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: There are Three Types of Leaves on the Tobacco Plant!

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Three Types of Leaves on the Tobacco Plant 

There is a great deal of detail, preparation, and processes that goes into the creation of the perfect cigar. Outside of the known particulars that cigars are made up of a variety of tobacco leaves that comes from different regions of the world that push off different flavors, it’s a much deeper back story about cigars that’s crucial.

Do you know that there is more than one leaf on each tobacco plant?


Essentially, there are three types of leaves on each tobacco plant. These three types are called Ligero, Seco, and Volado. In order for a cigar to become a cigar, it’s crucial that every cigar has a combination of these three types because this combination has a direct impact on the taste and smokability of your cigar. Each cigar that is created has certain tobacco, which consists of being either from the Ligero, Seco, and/or the Volado leaves.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You might now find yourself asking what is the difference between the three types? Well, the Ligero, which is the first type, is made from the leaves at the top of the tobacco plant. These leaves will have the most flavor and will be the boldest. The more of the Ligero included, the stronger the cigar will be. The next type, Seco, comes from the middle part of the tobacco plant. These leaves are of the mild type, so depending on how much Seco is used; it will affect the mild flavor of your cigar.

And, last, but not least, the Volado is where the flavor and aroma unites. The Volado is at the very bottom of the plant and will have the most burn ability. The Volado leaf allows the other two to burn and have a life while burning because the Ligero and the Seco leaves don’t burn very well on their own without the Volado Leaf.


Overall, the cigars that you have in your humidor, traveling case, or maybe holding one now in your hand will contain all three types of tobacco leaf, the Ligero, the Seco, and the Volado. The balance of these three types will affect the strength, boldness, and aroma of your cigars.


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