Fashion Friday: Procigar Festival 2020

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The Procigar Festival is a truly unique and memorable experience unmatched in the cigar industry that beautifully combines educational opportunities, entertainment, leisure activities, loads of premium cigar smoking and a lifetime of memories. One of the Festival’s most compelling attractions is that it allows guests to have one-on-one dialogues with the industry’s biggest cigar makers, all while smoking their cigars, and fraternizing with an international community of like-minded enthusiasts in an unprecedented way that consists of cigar manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.


Cigar Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic formed Procigar, an association whose objectives then and now, are to defend, protect and divulge the good name of the land of Cigar Country, exporter of the best premium cigars in the world.



Many of the Sisters of the Leaf are present at this festival and bringing out some of the most stylish and trendy looks, while bonding, sharing information, and learning.


The high-low leopard printed skirt with a vintage T-shirt worn by @sistersinsmoke is super cute and edgy! And, the elegant and sophisticated look with the off the shoulders mauve midi dress worn by @cigarqueen.rd is super classy and sexy! 


NakedCigar looks super bold, stylish, and powerful in her metallic jumpsuit as she stands in her glory enjoy her cigar as she looks sunkissed and electrifying.
The greatest advantage of being unique in your fashion choices and options is that you don’t have to purchase runway fashion, to have a fashion-forward look that’s stunning. For starters, not all women can manage to pay for runway-ready clothing, but they still want to have trending clothes that can be worn as everyday fashionable pieces, as well as to have a standout look for an event. 
Mrs. Queen of Spades shows you how you can still be very fashion-forward, classy, and sexy while covering your body in a bodycon style dress that has color, texture, and fitting to show off your curves, which is a feel-good feeling and look! 

Attending a Cigar Festival in the DR is a total vibe and experiences! Excited to see all the present Sisters of the Leaf bringing the fashion, going with the flow,  and creating new memories!

remarkable_liz & sistersinsmoke enjoying a friendly pic and bonding time! 

Keep it Smokey, My Friends, Fashionable, and never Complicated! 

Featured Image/All Images are courtesy of Facebook/Instagram from @sistersinsmoke

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