Fashion Friday: CIAA Day or Night Look by Styling Your Dress Over Your Jeans

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Fashion Friday!!

We love bringing creative style looks, to showcase our Apparel Line, as well as fashionable inspirations pictures and pieces to pair with our Tees/Sweatshirts, and just Fashion overall! If you’ve been following us for some time, then you’re very familiar with the different variations of styles that are displayed to accommodate all-style-types from the “Flashy,” the “Girly Girly,” the Sophisticated, and my favorite, the “Around the Way Girl,” to name a few.

Today’s Style Looks are inspired by all the great events and activities happening in Charlotte this week, related to CIAA, which we discussed earlier this week, 10 Things You Can Do To Get Ready For CIAA, Cigar Lifestyle Edition!, click here.

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on

Oppose to having our infamous “Red Lips Fashionistas” Feature for Fashion. Today, we wanted to provide some outstanding style looks to get and keep you ready for CIAA, if you’re attending a Day Party or going out in the evening.

The “Dress-over-Jeans” is the VIBE!


This look is so stylish and versatile. I simply love it!!!


You can wear flats, sneakers, heels, pumps, boots, just about anything and use accessories to give it your own look and flair!



This look is very clean, sharp, chic, classy, sophisticated, and it’s perfect for any event day or night!


wp-15829035205343645997316173251315.jpg Have Loads of Fun, while getting your CIAA Party On!!!!!!!

Okay, Ladies, keep it Cute, Classy, and a little Sassy!!!!!

Featured Image/All Images are courtesy of Pinterest

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve become inspired!

Peace and Love! Ni

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