Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Have You Ever Considered Wearing Latex Gloves While Smoking Cigars?

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Wear latex gloves while smoking your cigar as a self-care tip!  

Many of you are probably thinking, “What does wearing latex gloves have to do with smoking cigars or the lifestyle?”


For starters, latex gloves are a natural material made out of rubber that’s worn for protection. The common purpose of wearing latex gloves is to provide protection for your skin.  Rubber gloves protect against mild corrosive material. Neoprene gloves protect against most solvents, oils, and mild corrosive materials. However, you should avoid latex gloves if you’re are allergic to latex or develop allergies to this material.

As it relates to wearing latex gloves while smoking your cigar, it’s beneficial for those of us, who are very particular and meticulous about our overall hygiene, appearance, germaphobes, and countless other compulsive tendencies that’ll make the average person head spin thinking of these things.


One benefit of wearing latex gloves while smoking your cigars will help with the smoke smell permeating your fingertips, hands, and nail bed/cuticles. Especially, if you’re having a late-night smoke to reduce the cigar smoke smell about your body that does not wash off, immediately, once washing your hands, and/or bathing your body.

Also, since your cigar sits nestled in between your fingers while smoking, which is constantly going in and out of your mouth.  A build-up of saliva stores on your cigar that then touches your fingers/fingertips, which can become problematic and germy when touching your face. It’s reported that the average person touches their face 23 times per hour, which is equivalent to 3000 times a day. Wearing latex gloves will reduce our natural proneness to touching our faces and spreading of germs to our face from our mouth to hands, which can cause breakouts, irritation, dryness, and acene on our face.

The human mouth contains around 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria with various functions as part of the human flora and oral microbiology. About 100 to 200 species may live in them at any given time. Most bacteria in our mouth live in plaque, which is the sticky film on your teeth and this can cause tooth decay.


It’s essential to practice great hygiene as a cigar smoker, by properly washing your hands before and after smoking, always brushing your teeth after smoking, if possible, if not, then use mouth wash or a disposal toothbrush wand, and definitely get regular dental checkups to have an oral screening for oral cancer performed and your routine dental cleanings.

If you’re wondering what other best hygiene products you can use to enhance, and/or improve your routine, please click here.


I would like to thank our Brother of the Leaf (BOTL) Kevin Atkins for this inspiration to highlight the benefits of smoking while wearing a latex glove. Kevin often wears one, so I inquired one day, “Why do you wear a latex glove while smoking.” And, from our conversation and doing additional research allowed this article to be generated.

Keep it Smokey, My Friends! And, always be informed!



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