Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Make The Most of Your Outside Space While Home!

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At the moment, so many of us do not have a cigar lounge to attend with the “Stay-at-Home” orders being implemented in just about every state. Also, many of us are working from home, which is new for some and routine for others. In this time of being quarantined, we’ve found comfort and getting content with being indoors. Especially, with all of the excitement from the DJ battles on IG LIVE, using Zoom to see friends and family, as well as with so many other connections that we have all been able to discover with so many people being home all at once. There’s been some really nice weather during the quarantine, so why not make the most of your outside space while in quarantine.  Because your outdoor space does not have to feel like a big disconnection from your favorite cigar lounge, but an extension of it!  If you just put a little attention to detail to your area that’s inviting, fun, relaxing, and allows you to have an enjoyable cigar experience.  Let’s take a look at how you can pull a look together.

1. Choose A Space

To start with, it all depends on the size and location of your designated cigar space that you’ll be sprucing up. If you live in an apartment or condo, then your space might be more limited to the balcony, front porch, or sunroom that you’ll be converting and making it your new cigar room. If you reside in a house or townhouse, then your options might not be as restricted.  You’ll want to decide on the most suitable space for your needs and what seems like a more sensible location.

2. Get It Ready

Next up, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re getting the space ready. Do you have any patio furniture, an old bistro table that you’re no longer using that you can spray paint and give it a little makeover to put out in your location, or an old futon, a set of unmatched chairs, or whathaveyou? All of these items can be used for seating in your newly designed cigar area. Do you need to clean out your garage or move things around on your porch or patio to accommodate your new desired space, this is where getting it ready will work to advantage.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

3. Choose Your Design

From here, you’re then going to want to think about the décor. Do you know what sort of style you’d like? Do you know what kind of look you should create? Make sure that you pick out things that are durable, heat and weather-resistant, and items/pieces that bring brightness and color into your space. When you get all of this figured out and into your design ideas, you can then bring the space together with furniture and accessories.

4. Accessorize The Space

This is a great time to be creative with all of your cigar bands, you can make them into a board that you can hang on a wall, railing, propped up against the wall, there are limitless possibilities. You can even make a table with your bands glued across the top and sealed. Have some nice thick coaster for holding your favorite glass for bourbon or whiskey, add your ashtray, some miscellaneous items that are meaningful to you around your space. Have fun with the project and decorate the space to make it fun and inspiring.

5. Get Some Sounds

Finally, when the space is ready, you’re going to want to kick back and enjoy your new set-up, and music is always a good addition. Therefore, if you don’t have a state of the art stereo system in your space, no worries, we love the sounds and bass that comes from our wireless speakers these days. Now, kick back and enjoy your space with a great cigar, wine or bourbon, and play one of your old favorite songs that you haven’t heard in a while, and you have now made the most of your outside space while home.

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