Wellness Wednesday: You Don’t Need to Be Productive During the Pandemic!

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Hello, My Good People!!!!

It’s “Hump Day” and most of us have been into the locked-down for 61 days with many of the “Stay-at-Home” orders. And, the pressure to keep a routine and some form of normalcy have been relevant and a key component for many of us to get through.  However, it’s also important to accept and realize that it’s okay that you don’t need to be productive during the pandemic, too!

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One day, while working from home, you know, we have a lot more time to reflect and to really think our thoughts all the way out from beginning to end. In my overreactive and overthinking-self, I felt underaccomplished, which I am sure that many of you are having these very same thoughts.  Prior to COVID-19, we were already trying to balance life out with our desires and aspirations, and simply just having a work-life balance, to give us more personal time with our friends and family. However, keeping up with that rat-race gives you a sense of stability and a feeling of accomplishment.

Now, being on the flip side of these thoughts, working from home, and being restricted to your home, we’ve now seen that all the things that we thought we would consume ourselves with if we had more time, is further from the truth.

Raise your hand, if you’ve consumed your free time to transform into a health goddess, the next Betty Crocker by coming up with countless made-from-scratch meals, are you forced to feel like you should be doing yoga & meditation in order to have gratitude. I mean, staying home is bringing forth it’s own set of rules that are putting us into another place of being competitive, feeling like we must accomplish X, Y, & Z to feel as if you’re still resourceful, dependable, and reliable.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This week, I came to the realization that it’s okay to lower your expectations and just go with the FLOW!!!!  We have enough on our plates, yes, even during this pandemic, we have a lot going on, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Instead of loading ourselves up with more things to do on our “To-do-List” or “Wish List,” we should be focusing more on taking care of ourselves.  Self-care does not only have to be on Sundays.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

I believe that instead of learning how to make that next bake good, mastering a new skill, working on trying to lose weight or climbing up the corporate ladder ranks while working from home, we should be still and take time for you in the process.

Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on Pexels.com

Spend more time at this time on what makes you really happy, connect with yourself, and learn something new about yourself that you did not know you felt strongly about or so passionately about. Separate yourself from social media, as well as the news, to just decompose and unwind. And, get comfortable with saying “No” or “Not at this time.” It’s totally alright to put yourself first which is pretty freeing!

Overall, getting by is enough in this pandemic! Try to make it less complicated and more freeing!

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