Red Lips Fashionista of the Week: Kaye Barnes

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It is Friday, which means we have another Fashionable & Fun, Red Lips Fashionista, to present to you today because we love to see our Sisters of Leaf, “Shinning and Grinding!” Without further ado, thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®. We are happy to have you as one of our new, and/or faithful readers!

Today’s, Red Lips Fashionista of the week is Kaye Barnes, who has tides to multiple states such as Georgia, Florida, and Colorado, to name a few!

Kaye had her first cigar upon graduating high school. This was the start of her cigar journey, which was 26 years ago. Kaye’s first cigar was gifted to her by her cousin, a Fuente OpusX. She identified with this cigar because it was harmonizing with her palate. Also, Kaye is a pipe smoker. She has a collection of pipes that she inherited from her grandfather that are Native American ceremonial pipes. The pipes are of his Savinelli Churchill and the Turkish meerschaum hand-carved eagle pipe.

Kaye loves the sweet-smelling blends of pipe tobacco and she treasures her grandfather’s pipes that she now owns.  

Kaye’s passion and knowledgebase about cigars started with her gift from graduation. Her cousin, Charles, who is an avid cigar and sports enthusiast, as well as a season ticket holder for the Pistons and Lions. When Kaye would visit and attended games with him, each time, as they would be coming back from the old stadiums in Pontiac and Auburn Hills, he would always stop by a steak house in Bloomfield, Michigan, which had a humidor with an awesome cigar selection.

It was our thing because all the other young women of my age found the aroma of cigars repugnant and saw it as a dirty habit.

And, for Kaye, it was a learning experience, because her cousin taught her about the various cigar families, tobacco regions, fillers, binders, wrappers, and history of the band logos. He made sure that she knew how to finely cut and toast her cigar, to ascertain the cigar burned evenly and efficiently.

Having these tools has allowed Kaye to have an advantage when playing golf. She is well versed in being knowledgeable and not intimated when having a conversation about golf and cigars.

While smoking a cigar, Kaye likes to pair her cigars with drinks based on the cigar she is smoking, as well as how the climate is where she is at, the situation, and the time of year.

Upon my quest to learn more about the origins of golf and Scotch whiskey, back in 2007, I spent the year traveling back and forth several times to Scotland. Trying whiskeys from distilleries in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Oban, and Dumfries. All the while, taking lessons at links and smoking cigars. I have acquired many delightful libation experiences, making my choice of drinks when smoking quite vast.

From the words of Kaye’s mouth:

If I’m comfortable, its Dalmore Cigar Malt. If I’m showing off, then it’s Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII. When I’m home, relaxing, Argentine Malbec. On a lazy easy smoke day, I will have green tea with my cigar. And, when I am in Ybor City, Cuban coffee is a must!

Kaye does not only have a vast amount of experience in various Whiskies and Bourbons, but her cigar palate is also just as mature. She loves cigars from the Fuente and Newman Family, cigars by AJ Fernandez, and of course, her favorites are Drew Estates Liga Privada line, Rocky Patel Decade, Plasencia family, Espada by Montecristo, Don Pepin’s My Father Cigars, and Davidoff Escurio.

 What Kaye loves most about the cigar culture is the abundant presence of African American smokers and more in part with the significant representation of WOMEN, who smoke cigars. This really resonates with Kaye, because when she started 26 years ago and smoking with her cousin, Charles, this was very uncommon and unseen. It is extremely exciting for Kaye to have built relationships with many of these great “Female Aficionadas.” Especially, the friendship between her and Octavia Toliver, better known as HERficionado, who was previously featured as a “Red Lips Fashionista,” click here. Kaye enjoys attending all the cigar related events in Atlanta hosted by Herficionado, who has introduced her to many other likeminded phenomenal women, who have has given her immeasurable insight and lasting friendships.

We asked Kaye, what does Fashion mean to her and how would she describe her style?

Fashion for me is an eclectic mood.

Kaye was raised in the shadows of her mother, who was extremely fashionable and still is, which afforded Kaye the privilege of attending trunk shows, fashion weeks, and private boutique openings for up and coming designers.

Kaye’s wardrobe, as well as her fashion sense, is an eclectic fusion of her life experience.

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I’m a Chameleon. I know a little about a lot when it comes to the popular trend, especially in styles of dress, the production, and marketing of goods, especially as my own personal stylist and coiffeur, choosing ensembles that esthetically enhance my best features. 

Keep It Smokey and Fashionable!

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