Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Tequila & Cigars Edition!

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Tequila & Cigars

It is Tuesday!!! Tuesdays are known for many slogans such as “Taco Tuesday,” “Trendy Tuesday,” but in the “Cigar Culture,” we refer to Tuesday as “Tequila Tuesday” or “Torpedo Tuesday.” If you are a novice smoker or new to the cigar culture, then you might not initially associate Tequila as a pairing with cigars, since cigar smoking is synonymous with spirits such as Bourbon, Whiskey, or Scotch. However, tequila is an ideal spirit to pair with cigars as well, whether it is a Blanco, which is an un-aged tequila that is bottled shortly after distillation or an Extra Añejos, which is the most aged and expensive form of tequila.

This variation of tequila attracts all palates, from seasoned tequila drinkers to newbies, who finds the rich oak flavors reminiscent of other dark spirits.

I enjoy many different types of Tequila, as of recently, I have been drinking Don Julio Reposado Tequila, which is barrel-aged for eight months in American white-oak barrels, it is golden amber in color, and offers a rich, smooth finish. Perfect for drinking over the rocks or taking shots, as I like to do…LOL!

When drinking tequila, I like to have one of the most sought out premium cigars among aficionado’s and that would be Nicaraguan cigars, which are my favorites for their flavor profile. Nicaraguan cigars are perhaps the closest to the classic Cuban profile in body, cool aroma, and full of flavor.

Nicaragua is situated in an area that is perfect for growing tobacco. Nicaragua has quickly become known for producing some of the best tobaccos in the world. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil, paired with the ideal weather conditions, has created some of the most fertile and tastiest leaves on the planet. 

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Today’s cigar is the Avion by Tatuaje (Tatuaje Avion Double Perfecto ’13 [6.8”x52]).

The Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper is shimmering with ample oils and the potent leaf of this cigar is of an equally stout array of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers.

Together these tobaccos strike up extraordinary results, as the tapered shape slowly unleashes an array of complex nuances. Immediate notes of pepper, leather, and earth make an appearance before bolder stronger notes of oak, espresso, cocoa, and a dense tobacco core enter the fray.

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