Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Self-Care Tip!

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Today’s, Tuesday’s Cigar Tips is going to be quick and light. After smoking my cigars there are many rituals that I have and I wanted to share one with you. And, that’s after each cigar, I brush my teeth, but of course, I’ve covered this before. However, in addition, the night of prior to bed or sometimes the next morning, I like to brush my teeth with good old fashion baking soda and peroxide, it keeps my breath fresh, it removes the tobacco taste the next day on my tongue that’s often still there, the next morning, and it helps with keeping my teeth naturally white.

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Many of us have these items in our household and if you grew up very Ol’Skool such as myself, this is normal good rules to live by that we’ve been condition to do for personal hygiene or when you just simply run out of toothpaste…LOL!

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Overall, both of these products are good for having a good oral cleansing after smoking, one or several cigars in a day, to bring you back nicely cleansed and freshened!

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Have a great and peaceful night Cigar Family!

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