Standout Saturday: Curating with Coasters

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Happy Saturday!!!!

Saturdays can be filled with so much hustle and bustle with running errands, cutting grass, yard-work, house cleaning/chores, grocery shopping, running the children to and from, barbershop or hair/nail appointments. In a current COVID-19 World, it also means wiping yourself down and removing shoes before you enter your home and washing hands, and if you’re as obsessive like me, then it also means, cleaning purchased items off, before placing them into your refrigerator and pantry or closets…LOL…

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I am pretty sure, I was doing this before COVID, though, a strong case of OCD, but anyhow, you get what I am saying…LOL.

Our daily list of things to do can go on and on, so when you are at the point to take a nice and cozy break. I believe you should make it special and intimate, give it meaning, which makes it come to life and creates an actual experience and a memory!

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In the Cigar Culture, we are always looking for the best and latest cigar accouterments to enhance our cigar experience, and that doesn’t fall short with having drink coasters to accommodate a certain look. Yes, a coaster that you would use to put your drink on, to avoid the build-up of water dripping from your sweaty glass leaving a ring on the table. And, I am not referring to the old boring and brown coasters of the 70s, but coasters today are very sleek and modern looking.

glass teacup on brown wooden coaster
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Adding marble coasters or thick wooden coasters into the mix brings on a whole new meaning and escalates your smoking experience or just taking a moment to have a nice cup of coffee or glass of your favorite wine. Sets the mood and level-up the full esthetics of your current surroundings.

Add some fresh flowers, delicate chocolates, a bowl of mix nuts, make a charcuterie board, to spruce up the full place setting.

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Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make each moment count?

jacob s creek reserve bottle with wine glass
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Whether you’re shopping for new coasters or buying coasters for the first time, you want to find memorable coasters that will enhance the overall experience. Don’t buy those boring, brown coasters, that’s outdated, and there are so many more options nowadays.

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The coasters almost become a topic of conversation, so choose wisely!

Keep It Smokey and Fashionable!

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