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Cigars & Fashion: What’s your Promise and is Grey the New Neutral Color

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Hello Tuesday!!!!!

Do you believe that you have found your passion, purpose, and does it come with any promises?

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What I love most about the history behind many of the cigar brands and businesses, is the stories behind the family operations and learning about the heritage of these brands. For Example, The My Father, La Promesa is a wonderful smoke, and as Jose “Pepin” Garcia, promised to make something of himself in the cigar world outside of Cuba that’ll honor his family and his tobacco heritage. When I smoked this cigar last night and each time that I do, I feel the connection between the two. Having the passion to create something his family could be so proud of and a blend that did not separate him from his heritage of being from Cuba.

I paired this cigar with Basil Hayden’s. I love the slick bottle design and its an easy whiskey to sip, as well as a good gateway bourbon.

When sipping and puffin, I have to stop and ask myself questions, and one is always, “What’s my purpose.” And, does it come with any promises that I must make or keep, in order to make it happen. I want to pose those same questions to you. Because if you haven’t discovered it yet, take some time, today, to explore and discover it, it’ll open your eyes up to living with purpose.

My passion is to inform, educate, and to inspire, which I’ve happened to merge my passion for Fashion and Cigars into one, to make it harmonious!

Fall is approaching and I posted a question on our Fashion Page: Is Grey the New Neutral?

Colors that have tints of hues with added white or shades of added black are considered neutrals! Grey color schemes consist of light, medium, and dark charcoal grey, which is in favor of being a neutral color.

For example, we have two different style options in the color grey, which one is a darker charcoal grey in our tie-dye dress, Intoxicating. And, the lighter grey with a color block effect for the Split Decision.

Grey is also a great color for Summer or Fall, both of these pieces will allow you to walk right out of being Summertime Cute, to Fashionable Fall by adding a cardigan, sweater, vest, or kimono/duster.

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How do you wear your grey hues?

Keep it Smokey & Fashionable

As always, we like to keep you Cute, Comfy, and Stylish!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about this cigar or our current fashion items, we greatly appreciate you!


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