Fashion Friday: RL&CS Fashion Shop New Exclusive Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt!

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We have launched a few new items, today, on our website Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®. We have been making it our best efforts to beef up our inventory in preparation for the upcoming holidays and we really want to offer you the best available options that we can. In addition, to now having our location that you can now shop onsite, we don’t want to disappoint you in your personal shopping experience “Sip & Shop.”

We stand behind our brand as bringing you styles that are “Cute, Comfy, and Stylish.” Also, we’ve expanded our vendors’ list that will allow us to have more exclusive pieces in our Fashion Studio. Many of the current pieces that we have in stock and arriving are very much in line with your top “Reality Stars,” who have boutique stores and charge very high prices for the same items that we carry, at a much-reduced price in comparison.

I believe: For you to look fabulous and stylish, it does not have to break the bank. However, there is always a cost associated with looking good, regardless.

Many have stated that they admire me and are very much inspired by me, and have seen the growth in my brand. Let me add this when it comes to building a brand, there’s a lot of trial and error and figuring out what is best for your product and subsequently your audience. There is no one size fits all for growing a brand. Some things that work great for other brands, truly won’t work for another, and/or yours. My advice is to listen to the customers and your own intuition. Block out the noise, by all means!!!!!!!!

The biggest thing that has helped me grow my brand was certainly being consistent and networking. Your “Network” is your “Net Worth.”

Although, my brand/business initially started from highlighting the “Cigar Lifestyle,” to now encompassing so many different attributes. I love it because you don’t want to put limitations on yourself or box yourself in, as well as for your audience to only see you in one lane. I’m a calculated risk-taker, who takes actions, and that is what keeps me going and motivated.

I’m just living my best life while I’m still living and being as proactive as possible! You’re in control of your own destiny, but you have to be willing to sit through the full journey!

In closing, I just want to continue to represent women to the fullest and highlight our greatest desires, and that’s to be heard, seen, acknowledged, and recognized, and I don’t mean in a conceited way, but in an honorary way.

Shop our current looks at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks® and be sure to follow our Fashion Page for releases and insights @rlcsfashion.

Thank you and have a Great Day!

Keep It Smokey and Fashionable!

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