Trendy Tuesday: How to Wear Our “Must Be Fall” Maxi Dress from @RLCSFASHION!

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Happy Tuesday!

We have a slew of New Arrivals and one of our favorite pieces is the “Must Be Fall” Maxi Dress. This dress is very soft and long, it’s not thick, but perfect for a transition piece into fall, and/or layered it up for the winter with a vest or a jacket, and a pair of boots. It comes in colors Cofee and Denim Blue.

Product Overview: The Must Be Fall Dress (Coffee)
Features:  Round Neckline w/long sleeves Maxi Dress| Waist Shirring |Pockets 
Content:   75% VISCOSE,  22% POLYESTER, 3% ELASTANE 
Length:   58 inches  
NOTE: True to Size | High Quality | Very Soft 
Model Wearing: Size Large, who is 5’3″, and her average clothing size ranges from 11/12 to 12/14 depending on the cut/fabric.

With this dress, we wanted to show you how wearing a belt is a great accessory to add character to your look and change up the appearance of a sold dress color.

Adding a knot at the bottom of a long dress works to add a little fun and edge to your look, and it’s a good way to reduce the longer fabric for us short ladies, who love to wear a long dress but don’t always like to have the drag and length interfering with us walking.

And, for those, who don’t like to add any additional detailing and would prefer to wear this great piece, as it is, then, it’s a beautiful dress and you can still wear it without adding anything to it. And, the elastic waist helps pull in and snatch the waist line, so either way, it’s a win, win!

Oh, did I mention that this dress is super soft, it’s super soft, you guys…LOL.

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Keep It Smokey and Fashionable!

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