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It’s Cyber Monday! Cigar Gift Buying Season is here!!!!!

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Just Another Manic Monday!!!!

Hello Cigar Community and Cigar Family, as well as our Dapper Gents and Red Lips Fashionistas. We hope that you guys had a great break over the Thanksgiving Holiday and now we’re on the hustle and grind to the biggest holiday, yet, Christmas!

What do you guys have planned?

Did you know that November 30, 2020 will mark the birthday of the gentleman, who probably serves as the most notable Cigar Enthusiast of all time, Winston Spencer Churchill, born November 30, 1874. 

Photo Credit: The Nobel Foundation archive.

As Churchill entered adulthood, his passion for cigars began, and during the course of his 91 years, he enjoyed thousands upon thousands of cigars.

Therefore, since Churchill’s birthday falls around “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and “Cyber Monday,” today should definitely be marked as the official launch of the Cigar Gift Buying Season at your local Great American Cigar Shop.

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Go in and buy a cigar for a friend, and pick one up for yourself and celebrate everything that is great about the Holidays. 

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