Trendy Tuesday: Look of the Day with our “Must Be Fall” Maxi Dress from @RLCSFASHION!

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Happy Tuesday!

We’re 26 days into the New Year, and yes, it has been sometime since we’ve issued a new article from Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, LLC where the Cigar Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion is Celebrated. Our last article was released November 2020, yikes….LOL. We took a good lengthy break during the holiday to really enjoy ourselves with our friends and family, and going into the New Year, it’s been full swing with trying to get back into action with the brand and business. So much has changed, but so much has remained the same, and our ultimate goal is to continuously work on being committed to providing superior products and services to you in the continued development of our business.

We would like to say that we very much appreciate your business and continued support.

We are really growing and developing, and we appreciate each of you for contributing to the success of our business. We could not be where we are without you and we are so grateful and humbled for your loyalty, support, and patronage.

Now, let’s get into the look of the day with our style inspiration, the Must Be Fall Maxi Dress. This dress was first released back in September of 2020, as one of our Fall items. It was a slow sale on this item, to be honest, but we made it work, and now down to the very last large left, not too bad. However, it was still one of my favorite pieces, because it’s so comfortable, soft, and cozy. It gives you jumpsuit vibes because of the length of it and the feeling of comfort, but it’s even better because you don’t have to climb out of it, when its time to use the bathroom, as you would with a jumpsuit, so that’s the best part about this dress to me…..LOL.

Also, it’s a transitional piece, it truly can be worn all year long, because it’s not thick, which is perfect for the cool Summer evenings, and ideal for Spring, as well as Fall and Winter. When you layer your pieces, it makes a stunning look for Fall or Winter. And, that was my look with this piece, the weather has been rainy here in Charlotte, NC, as well as it is still very chilly here.

By adding the brim hat, which is available on our website, the Sydney Brim Hat it gives this outfit a polished and fashionable look. This jean vest, which was purchased from another Boutique store, is really my go to item to give me that layered look, it’s open, loose, and does not make me feel restricted. It gives me enough added layering without me feeling too hot, stuffy, or like I have on a coat. I really don’t like wearing a coat, if I don’t have to, spoken from the woman, who grew-up in the fridig temperatures of Michigan…LOL..

I paired this look with some chunky mules from Steve Madden that I got on clearance recently over the weekend for $20 and my favorite green purse that was purchased from Kohl’s Department Store several summers ago. And, yes, these shoes are mules and opened toed, but in the spirit of fashion, you can wear what you like and how and when, you like. All rules go out the door, plus, these are faux suede, so better in the cooler months too, so your feet don’t get too hot in them when wearing in the Summer months.

I call this my Boho City Chic look!

What do you think?

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