Why the Cigars, Sis?

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Hello “Cigar Family!” And, my “Red Lips Fashionistas” & “Dapper Gents,” we would like to thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, LLC. We are thankful for our new, and/or faithful readers, we appreciate you! 

When I started this business almost three years ago. I primarily focused only on blogging and highlighting the men and women of the “Cigar Community.” And, selling our Custom Cigar Apparel Line. As our brand begin to grow and I wanted to cater to all customers, not only just within a specific area, and/or niche. I slowly started to incorporate women’s clothing into my line. Overall, women are my largest customer base and non-smokers. Even though, I offer graphic tees for our “Brothers of the Leaf” and “Sisters of the Leaf,” my online store is more emphasized as a Women’s Boutique Store, which I like to reference to it, as a “unique boutique store,” because we sell a little bit of everything and we offer different business services, as a full-service business.

The clientele and customer base that we have, some are not familiar with cigars, and/or was not fully aware that there were so many females, who smoked cigars, it’s very interesting to some and all, as well within our own “Cigar Culture.”

Therefore, I wanted to shed a little light on “Why the Cigars, Sis?” Well as an avid cigar smoker of over 10 years, it’s something that I have found pleasure in. For me, I’ve always had large social gatherings at my home and entertaining friends and family! I am a huge Sports Fan and Mafia Movie/Shows Lover, and with those is always a celebratory smoke to victory! I guess you can call me an old chip off the block. I’m pretty much a nostalgic person, very eclectic! Cigars are uniquely made, no two are the same, and they have a lot of history behind them. As I’ve already stated that my business started by blogging about cigars and cocktail pairings, showcasing the lifestyle, and featuring men and women in the “Cigar Community!” It is important for you to know that cigar smoking is a lifestyle, not an addiction, it embodies the qualities of simplicity, it’s not overdone! I’ve built some strong relationships and started a business, and yes, all from smoking cigars! 

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Author: Naimah “Ni” Pears 
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