How College Student Uses Different Genres of Music as His Motivation Becoming a New Recording Artist for His New Single “Loves Keeper.”

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Dimitri Roseboro is a junior at The Art Institute of Atlanta to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production. We recently had the opportunity to speak to him about his music journey and inquire what inspired him to pursue a music career. Dimitri goes by the name “iam1ex” as an artist and on all his social media handles.

He has a strong music influence from so many different genres of music such as Drake, J. Cole, Jay Z. He prides himself on also being inspired by a lot of R&B artist, too!  Dimitri writes and performs all his songs, which he is currently being sourced through Thorny Rose Entertainment, LLC.

When asked how long he has been producing or creating music. Dimitri responded since he could remember, he’s been doing something involving music.

“I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing!”

“iam1ex” music can be found on all streaming platforms. He’s gaging roughly 243 monthly listeners on Spotify. His most recent and poplar release is “Loves Keeper,” which definitely has some Drake similarities and vibe, but make no mistake that “iam1ex” has his own style and flavor. He is slowly gravitating out of the Carolinas and bringing his followers, subscribers, and new listeners everything from hard punching lyricism to catchy melodies.

According to “iam1ex” most recent IG post, he’s promoting and pushing to get his recent plays up to 100K, which he’s currently staggering at 88.9K. We are in full support of this new artist and what he’s accomplished thus far, as an independent artist. We would like to see him receive some artist development and exposure by way of venue performances, private event showcases, and/or festivals. “iam1ex” is being levelheaded and smart about his musical journey. He understands, it’s a marathon and not a sprint, and he’s thanking God for the greatness that he’s achieved, so far.

To Learn more about this new and upcoming artist, you can follow him on the following social media channels Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and SoundCloud: “@iam1ex

You can review his latest productions and videos on YouTube, “iam1ex

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