Three Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert!

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Three ways to position yourself as an expert! I totally operate my business around Customer Service and Women Empowerment! The majority of my customers are women shoppers, women of a certain socioeconomic status, and of an age range that we like to refer to as being “experienced and seasoned. 

The social proof that I’ve developed over time comes from me showing my authentic self and showing-up daily, along with my personality, and my kind acts of care and compassion has been identified and displayed.

These traits and characteristics that I possess have resonated with my audience, built trust, and as a result have converted many of my followers into customers, which a large quantity are “Loyal Customers” and “Repeat/Returning Customers.” 

So, when it comes to building a successful business, what you bring to the table matters!

Take these 3 actionable steps into consideration:

I’ve established my social proof by building trust, as well as showing my Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s). 

HOW: Visually/Digitally presented to my audience.

I’m always working towards solving their problems. 

HOW: Automations/Systematically having tools and processes/producers in place. 

I’ve discovered my niche.

HOW: Centered the focus around Women Empowerment, Educating, and Lifestyle tools for Success.

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