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Effortless looks are the best looks, Wouldn’t you agree?

What exactly does it mean, to be effortless, and let alone an “effortless look.” Don’t you worry,  you’ve come to the right place, the meaning of ef·fort·less: requires no physical or mental exertion, it’s essentially achieving something with admirable ease. In our hectic lives, we could all use a little more effortlessness in it, wouldn’t

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Hot Girl Summer

Trendy Tuesday!!! If you’re not on your “Hot Girl Shit,” yet this summer, then let Megan Thee Stallion explain. The artist inspired a movement with the first lyric of her song “Cash Shit” (“Real hot girl shit”) as well as the art for her most recent album, Fever, which reads “She’s thee HOT GIRL and she’s bringing

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I’m Too Sexy

Hello Weekend #TGIF The further we’re getting into August, the further away from summer we’re getting! Though the days are still very hot, it’s soon all coming to an end, as we transition into fall. I’m from the Midwest, Michigan to be exact and we love a fly pair of boots, so I say bring

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Red Blazer

Fashion Fridays!!!!!! Hey Loves, now on a Friday, you definitely feel alive and especially after five. Today’s Style Look of Inspiration is full of fire, and you know I love bright and bold colors. The color red speaks all of that to me, which is confidence and sophistication! Today we’ve paired our signature SOTL Tee

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Neon Green & Polka-dots

Hump Dayyyy!!!! Hello Loves, it’s Working Women Wednesday and might I add, Whiskey Wednesday and Wine Down Wednesday!!! Makes for a great Hump Day, it all depends on how you look at it, remember to celebrate the small victories, too…LOL!!! Today’s style look is a full vibe full of colors, patterns, and sassiness. Featuring our

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Cute & Comfy!!!

Sunday Funday Don’t ever forget about Sundays, to still look cute! Yes, you can still be casual, but not too relaxed. For instance, today’s, style look is called “Cute & Comfy!” In our, “My Humidor Stay Full Collection” Tee. It’s all about the accessories and the details that make an outfit. A nice bold lipstick

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Spunky & Funky

Sassy Saturdays!!!!!! It’s the weekend!!! Saturdays are normally a good day for running errands, attending the hair & nail salon, or going to events and social gatherings, and/or if you’re able to make it a day to R&R, then what a treat! Also, we cannot forget about the great nightlife that comes along with Saturdays,

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Casual SOTL Vibes

Hump Day!!!!! We hope that you guys are off to a great start on this halfway point of the week. It’s a fabulous and beautiful day here in Charlotte, NC. The sky is clear and gleaming bright in Carolina Blue. It’s been a while since we’ve created a virtual style look of the day or

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It’s the Freaking Weekend!!!!!

Hello Everyone & Hello Weekend!!! The work week is always so rough seeming, as well as long, and we all are tied to so many challenges, demands, and obligations, it’s hard to keep up, we often feel overwhelmed and stressed out, unfortunately! For many of us, a nice vacation can recharge us, as it did

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Hello May!!!! Spring Fling Sale

It’s officially May, My Birthday Month!!🎉🎉💞💞👛🛍🛍🥂🥂 . . 🎉🎉We’ve slashed prices on our 2018 Styles and we’re offering 20% off the entire site all Month!!!😱🎉🎉 . . Head on over to shop🛍🛍, click here.  . . Red Lips and Cigar Sticks 💋💋 🎉Promo Code: BIG40🎉