Fashion: New Arrivals OTW!!!

Happy Saturday!!!! We hope that you guys have been doing well and staying SAFE!!! We’re all looking for the days that we can link back up with friends and family to greet and cheer them on again, as this picture depicts, above! Although a few states have recently lifted, and/or modified their “Stay-at-Home” orders, we’re

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Cigar News: Excise Tax Payment Delay for many Qualifying Cigar Companies and Businesses in Financial Hardship

Hello Tuesday, In this time of uncertainty and financial strain on so many companies and businesses, many of us, especially, small business owners are looking for some federal backing and support to withstand the economic impact of COVID-19. Therefore, I wanted to share with you that the National Emergencies Act that was established on March

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Make The Most of Your Outside Space While Home!

At the moment, so many of us do not have a cigar lounge to attend with the “Stay-at-Home” orders being implemented in just about every state. Also, many of us are working from home, which is new for some and routine for others. In this time of being quarantined, we’ve found comfort and getting content

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Happy Easter Weekend!

This Easter will be celebrated very differently as we’re all living in the New Normal of COVID-19. Many of us will have virtual church services, as well as linking up with family members outside of our home, via social media or Zoom. We wanted to check-in on everyone and to say that we’re thinking of

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Save 50% off on All Everyday Fashion Items!!!!

Hello Sunday!! We’re doing some spring cleaning in our showroom and we’ve marked down our current sale items with an additional 50% off at our online store! Photo by Godisable Jacob on   Use Code: SAVE50 at checkout | SHOP NOW     

Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: What Podcast Stations to Listen to While being Quarantined!

Happy Tuesday! As we are all getting used to our “New Normal,” I wanted to share with you some of my favorite podcast stations that consist of cigar talk, news, and information, as well as stations that are motivating, inspiring, educational, and uplifting. Each day is different for all of us, as each state has

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What to Watch This Week On Netflix While Bored at Home!

Hey Gang, We’re pulling into the second week of being quarantined and though many of us are working from home, as well as using tools such as Zoom to stay connected personally and professionally, it can all become overwhelming and it’s still very stressful and scary time! The unknown and uncertainty, as well as not

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Happy Friday!

Good day! We wanted to do a Wellness check on everyone. It’s some very scary and stressful times going on right now, World-Wide. There’s so much uncertainty, different variables, and so many unknowns.  We’re all doing our very best to maintain and to keep onto some sort of normalcy in this current state of crisis.

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Cigars and Coronavirus, What should I do?

We would like to state that we know the recent outbreak of the coronavirus is very scary and this pandemic is causing many issues and interfering in our normal daily lives and routines with many closings, cancellations, suspensions, and regulations. It’s overwhelming and frightening and at the forefront of our lives right now. We’re all

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10 Things You Can Do While in Isolation from COVID-19 to Avoid Boredom!

Hey Gang, There’s so much going on with everyone being in their homes as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. We believe that you should always try to make the best with every opportunity to work on self-improvements. And, the one thing we always say is that we don’t have enough time, so while

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