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Cigar News: The number of bills affecting cigars will continue to increase and why you should have a CRA Membership.

Cigar Rights of America (CRA) is the first and only consumer-based public advocacy group fighting to protect the individual rights to enjoy premium cigars. Over the past twenty years, the anti-tobacco movement’s reach has broadened, and your ability to enjoy premium cigars and freely participate in a relaxing, social activity has been continually regulated and

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Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: There are Three Types of Leaves on the Tobacco Plant!

Hello “Cigar Community” and “Cigar Family!” Thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, we are thankful for our new, and/or faithful readers, we appreciate you!   Tuesday’s Cigar Tips: Three Types of Leaves on the Tobacco Plant  There is a great deal of detail, preparation,

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