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Look of the Day with our New Color Block Dress from @RLCSFASHION! Available on our website:redlipsandcigarsticks.com

Hello Thursday! Welcome!!! @rlcsfashion is the Fashion Page that showcases the Fashion Sold by @redlipsandcigarsticks. Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, LLC is a digital media lifestyle magazine blog and a unique boutique store that highlights the Cigar Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion. Our Boutique items are hand-picked exclusively for you! Our #redlipsfashionistas 💋 We carry a little bit of everything!!!!! We

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Trendy Tuesday: Look of the Day with our “Must Be Fall” Maxi Dress from @RLCSFASHION!

Happy Tuesday! We’re 26 days into the New Year, and yes, it has been sometime since we’ve issued a new article from Red Lips and Cigar Sticks®, LLC where the Cigar Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion is Celebrated. Our last article was released November 2020, yikes….LOL. We took a good lengthy break during the holiday to

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Style Inspiration: How to Wear Dusty Mauve Colors by @rlcsfashion| Featuring our New “Baby I’m Ready” Dress, by adding a Fedora, Blazer, and Clutch, to the Rescue!!!!!!

The weekend is up ahead! The greatest thing about “Fashion in the Fall” is that the color options are limitless. You can go bold, soft, light, dark, or nude, it all works in this season. And, yes, including “WHITE.” We just released a New Collection, the “Baby I’m Ready Dress,” which is in the nude

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