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Wellness Wednesday: You Don’t Need to Be Productive During the Pandemic!

Hello, My Good People!!!! It’s “Hump Day” and most of us have been into the locked-down for 61 days with many of the “Stay-at-Home” orders. And, the pressure to keep a routine and some form of normalcy have been relevant and a key component for many of us to get through.  However, it’s also important

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Dapper Gent of the Day: Brian Myers

Wonderful Wednesday! Hello “Cigar Community” and “Cigar Family!” We hope that your week has been wonderful thus far! We’re bringing you a New Dapper Gent Feature on this Hump Day, and not our normal Sunday Funday Feature. Believe me, it’s just as impactful this midweek.  Thank you for joining us and reading another great article

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