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RL&CS Showroom, Saturday, May 15th, Sip & Shop!!!!!! 10am to 3pm

Pastries & Peach Bellinis Come out and Sip some Peach Bellinis as you get your Saturday is for Shopping done all while supporting a local business. We are opening our doors up for a Pop-Up & Shop on Saturday, May 15th from 10am to 3pm. Come Out and Have Some Pastries & Peach Bellinis, and

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Announcement: We’re Moving!!!!!!!!!!! USE CODE: MOVE25 to take 25% Off Entire Site!

carton box and tape with scissors on shabby table

Major Announcement Hello: Friends, Family, Clients/Customers! After being a home-based business for over two years, we’re excited to announce that we are moving into our very first commercial space that’s adequate and appropriate for our current needs, as a small business. In this new space, we will continue to produce our published blogs that’s related

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Smokey Product of the Day: One of the Hottest Cigar Accessories in the Game!!

Who is Bryon James? Bryon James is the founder and owner of Michael Noelle Leatherworx. Often called “Michael” by those who presumably assimilate his business name as his own. Bryon created his leather brand because he simply wanted something that would adequately hold his cigars, cutter and lighter in a sturdy, but delicate space. In

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