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New Music Monday: Independent Recording Artist Cartier Womack Drops a New Song “Trophy”  

Music is a unique art form. It is a lyrical and auditory representation of stories that are expressed through constructions of words, rhythm, and instrumental collaboration. Music provides listeners with an insight into the artist personal experiences and even sometimes a glimpse into their interpretation of life and the world around us. Music is essential

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Dapper Gent Spotlight: Antonio Bass

Gents and Cigar Sticks: Dapper Gent of the week is Antonio Bass out of Texas, but originally from Jackson, Michigan. It always brings me joy, when I can write an article on someone from my hometown of Jackson, Michigan! It’s so invigorating for me since Jackson is a very small town nestled in the middle

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Dapper Gent of the Day: Deontae Pierce

Today’s Dapper Gent is Deontae Pierce living in the Atlanta, GA area, but originally from Jackson, Michigan. Deontae is a humble gentleman, who is very intellectual, conscious, and family orientated. He is a devoted father and husband, and his faith in God is unprecedented. Deontae is a true classic man, he’s eclectic, charismatic, and charming. 

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Dapper Gent of the Week: Carlos Scott

Today’s Dapper Gent of the week is Carlos Scott out of Atlanta, GA, and by the way of Jackson, Michigan.Carlos Scott is the “Young OG,” but you can call him “YOGI,” internationally known and locally accepted. He’s a brother of influence and motivating others to want for your brother(s), as you would want for yourself.

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Street Allure Music Group: Craig “Cartier Womack” Roney and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker.

Gents and Cigar Sticks musical talent highlight presents, Street Allure’s breakout artists, Craig “Cartier Womack” and Emanuel “Manny Maserati” Parker. When you’re having a cigar with friends, it’s about the fellowship, the memories created, and the stories that are told and shared that can be new or old. Especially, the old ones, they never get

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