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Seductive Saturday Spotlight: Sara Saunders

Seductive Saturday Spotlight is on Sara Saunders out of Houston, TX. It’s been said that seductiveness and cigars don’t pair together, as well as bourbon and cigars do. Therefore, it should not be included, and/or allowed into the culture. However, I don’t believe that as female cigar smokers, we should all be “prim and proper,”

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Dapper Gent Spotlight: Chad Sherrill   

Gents and Cigar Sticks spotlight’s Chad Sherril out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Chad is a good brother of the leaf, a distinguished gentleman, who is very charismatic and nostalgic. He has a unique and mysterious presence about himself. Chad is very much reserved and chill, he likes to laugh, but he does not get overly

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Seductive Saturday Spotlight: Toddlin and Precious Jenkins

This weekend’s Seductive Saturday Spotlight is our first husband and wife duo, as a compilation. We are excited to showcase Toddlin and Precious Jenkins as cigar connoisseurs and health enthusiasts for this feature. Toddlin and Precious currently reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. Toddlin is originally from South Carolina and Precious is a Floridian. Toddlin serves in

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Seductive Saturday Spotlight: Jennifer Johnson

Seductive Saturday Spotlight is on Jennifer Johnson, AKA, “locsofcigars” from Atlanta, GA, and by the way of Brooklyn, NY. Jennifer is an extreme cigar enthusiast, a real cigar queen. She loves wine and a good cigar. She’s notably known in the Atlanta area for promoting cigar events that she hostess at lounges such as The

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