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Trendy Tuesday: Style Look of the Day – Cigar Sticks and Lipstick!

Trendy Tuesday!!! We love bringing creative ideas and style looks, to showcase our Apparel Line, as well as fashionable pieces to pair with our Tees/Sweatshirts. If you’ve been following us for some time, then you’re very familiar with the different variations of styles that are displayed to accommodate all-style-types from the “Flashy,” the “Girly Girly,”

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Effortless looks are the best looks, Wouldn’t you agree?

What exactly does it mean, to be effortless, and let alone an “effortless look.” Don’t you worry,  you’ve come to the right place, the meaning of ef·fort·less: requires no physical or mental exertion, it’s essentially achieving something with admirable ease. In our hectic lives, we could all use a little more effortlessness in it, wouldn’t

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