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Dapper Gent: James Loyd Jr.

Happy Holidays! Hello “Cigar Community” and “Cigar Family!” Thank you for joining us and reading another great article here at Red Lips and Cigar Sticks™ Today’s dapper gentleman (Dapper Gent) of the week is James Loyd Jr., out of Queens, New York. James is an avid cigar smoker of 18 years. He was first inspired

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Dapper Gent of the Day: Deontae Pierce

Today’s Dapper Gent is Deontae Pierce living in the Atlanta, GA area, but originally from Jackson, Michigan. Deontae is a humble gentleman, who is very intellectual, conscious, and family orientated. He is a devoted father and husband, and his faith in God is unprecedented. Deontae is a true classic man, he’s eclectic, charismatic, and charming. 

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Dapper Gent of the Week: Carlos Scott

Today’s Dapper Gent of the week is Carlos Scott out of Atlanta, GA, and by the way of Jackson, Michigan.Carlos Scott is the “Young OG,” but you can call him “YOGI,” internationally known and locally accepted. He’s a brother of influence and motivating others to want for your brother(s), as you would want for yourself.

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